Battery Operated Auto Dosing Unit (4 x 5L Grease-Eater Liquid)

  • Grease Trap or Drain Treatment including Auto Dosing Timer Pump and enzyme enhanced cleaning liquid for grease removal
  • Automatically adds Grease-eater liquid solution direct to the problem area
  • Price Includes 4x5L Grease-Eater Liquid Plus 5L Holding Cradle
  • Warranty 12 months

425.00 ex. VAT | 522.75 inc. VAT

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Manufactured and designed to meet ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 and EN 1825-1:2007 standards

Features & Advantages

  • Battery operated automatic cleaning liquid dosing pump gives you clog free kitchen drains and sinks.
  • It is important to use some means of preventing FOG accumulations in fat traps or kitchen drains. Use auto dosing peristaltic pump from Hydra for regular application of Ecotec Grease-Eater Liquid.
  • Easy installation within ten minutes. No need to pay service personnel for mounting the pump. Easy to follow installation instructions provided with the product.
  • Includes eight C cell batteries that successfully operate the pump for 12 to 18 months. Minimum cost of operation.
  • Indication for low battery comes on 50 hours before the batteries are drained out completely.
  • Cradle rests 5 litre pack. Enough supply (4×5 L) included that lasts 200 days approximately depending upon your usage.
  • Cost effective and economical. Reduces the requirement of frequently pumping out the grease traps by applying treatment enzyme liquid right at the point of FOG accumulation.

How To Use

  • Ecotec battery operated auto dosing timer pump can be installed very easily under the sink or outside as per your convenience.
  • Easy to follow instructions and fixtures for mounting the pump supplied with the pump.
  • Battery operated system, hence does not require electricity connection.
  • No water connection necessary for pump’s operation.
  • Simply install and set the pump as per the dosage guide in the table below. The chart is also given inside the lid of the pump for ready reference.
Grease Trap or Interceptor
Size grease Trap Daily Dose Amount Pump Setting
Up to 40 litres 100ml a day 1
50-100 Litres 150ml a day 2
100-200 Litres 200ml a day 3
200-300 Litres 250ml a day 4
300-500 Litres 300ml a day 5
Over 500 Litres 350ml a day 6
Over 1,000 Litres 400ml a day 7
Over 2,000 Litres 500ml a day 9
Drains (No Grease Trap Fitted)
Drainage Run Daily Dose Amount
Up to 15 Metres 150ml a day
15 – 50 Metres 170ml a day
50 – 75 Metres 200ml a day
Over 75 Metres 300ml a day

Ecotec’s Grease-Eater Dosing Pump is an important equipment for every commercial kitchen to not only maintain clean drains and hygienic kitchens but also in abiding by the regulations regarding kitchen’s waste water that enters the main sewage lines.

The Building Regulations 2000 (H1 Foul water drainage – 2.21), amended in 2002 connotes that all commercial hot food joints should include in their kitchens an effective arrangement of grease removal method.


Our battery operated grease digesting dosing system is compact and easily fitted in under ten minutes. Install the system anywhere under the kitchen sink or outside as per your convenience and requirement. This auto dosing digital pump is especially useful for commercial kitchens where FOG inflow down the drain is higher than usual. No need to rely on workers for regularly applying the cleaning liquid, also FOG deposition is minimised to a great extent with the help of automatic doser pump.

Ecotec Grease-Eater Auto dosing Pump System includes all fixtures required for installing and functioning of pumps.

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