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The Problem of Odour in Your Establishment

Off-putting odours in the workplace are just bad for business. Why?

Because foul smells are one of the major causes of customer attrition, especially in the restaurant industry.

Research has proven that the olfactory system, or the way something smells, produce lasting impressions. Repulsive odours are perceived as dirty and when a restaurant, for example, has offensive smells, people tend to assume everything about the establishment is dirty, including the food. Consequently, these potential customers often choose to dine elsewhere.

Let’s be honest, happy customers are returning customers and returning customers are good for business. If you have issues with odours, contact ECOTEC today to keep your establishment doing what it should be doing- turning new customers into repeat customers!

Did you know that the “rotten eggs” smell is actually a toxic, harmful, highly flammable and explosive gas? It’s called Hydrogen Sulfide or H2S and in the restaurant industry, this naturally-occurring odour is the result of the organic breakdown of fats, oils, grease, & other food debris in wastewater.

Aside from its nuisance factor being heavier than air, hydrogen sulfide can collect in low-lying and enclosed spaces, such as manholes, drains, and grease traps. Its presence makes working in confined spaces uncomfortable and potentially very dangerous. The health effects of hydrogen sulfide depend on how much H2S a worker breathes and for how long. However, many effects are seen even at low concentrations. Effects range from mild headaches and eye irritation to very serious unconsciousness and even death.

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ECOTEC Odour Control Service

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Ecotec exclusively offers Sul-FOG and Bio-Sul to control odours as well as FOG formation.

Sul-FOG is a complex blend that rapidly disrupts and softens the FOG structure into a top-phase flowable form.

Bio-Sul blends include facultative microbes which efficiently break down and digest organics such as the FOG structure.

Sul-FOG and Bio-Sul also include an exclusive patented odour-control scavenger that safely and rapidly captures and breaks down odorous compounds in the hydro & vapour phase.

– Rapidly removes odours at their source
– Quickly treats and cleans away fats oils & grease deposits
– Prevents blocked pipes & sewers
– Works synergistically with good microbes
– Readily biodegrades, user-friendly & non-hazmat
– Leaves a natural pleasant like marzipan smell
– Safe and effective in any environment including Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Hospitals and Hotels