Do you need Water Tank Cleaning Service?

Water Tank Cleaning

If your business supplies water for drinking, cooking, cleaning or consumption it is a legal requirement for you to have a legionella risk assessment in place. Numerous types of bacteria can be present in water, including the potentially fatal Legionella.

It is important that water storage tanks are kept clean in order to prevent build-up of sludge, sediment, and scale, all of which provide favourable conditions in which Legionella bacteria and other coliforms can grow. Prevention depends on good management and maintenance of water systems. Why risk your hard earned reputation? The negative publicity to an illness contracted from a dirty water tank could be devastating. For these reasons, tanks should be inspected and tested regularly and cleaned where necessary and this is where we can help.

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Water Tank Cleaning FAQ’s

How long will the water tank cleaning take?

On average, depending on size and site conditions, it will take our experienced engineers 6-8 hours to clean, sterilise and sanitise your water tank.

Why is Water Tank Cleaning Important?

  • Dirty water tanks can carry many harmful bacteria.
  • Water filtration systems may not prove 100% effective if the water tank is not cleaned and sanitised.
  • Why risk your hard earned reputation? The negative reaction to an illness from a dirty water tank could be devastating.

How much does a water tank clean cost?

Water tank cleaning costs vary in price depending on the number and size of your tanks and site conditions.

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