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Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

Do you need your Kitchen Extraction cleaned? We provide cost-effective & professional cleaning solutions, call us now.

The purpose of the Kitchen Exhaust System in your food outlet is to safely remove grease-laden vapours and unpleasant odours generated by cooking processes from the kitchen environment. A typical commercial Kitchen Exhaust System set-up should be made up of the following components: Kitchen Exhaust Hood, Grease Filters, Kitchen Exhaust Duct, & Kitchen Exhaust Fan.

We are increasingly dealing with companies, whose insurers require their client’s systems to be cleaned by professional contractors at frequencies in line with the HVCA TR/19 guidelines.

This helps to prevent grease build up and with it- the possibility of a fire. If your facility needs more than just a routine clean-up, ECOTEC is ready to tackle the cleaning of your kitchen hoods, ducts and other large equipment to help keep your kitchen operating at its best. Cross contamination with food preparation can also cause quite an unsanitary situation.

It is estimated that up to 80% of kitchen extraction duct systems are never cleaned. Your insurance policy contains the wording Condition precedent to Liability -these conditions must be satisfied before an insurer becomes liable to pay the claim and include claim notification requirements, an obligation to take reasonable precautions to minimise the risk of loss, etc – in simple language -if the cleaning hasn’t been carried out correctly by a competent company – in the event of a fire you are not insured and will not be compensated.

Preventing this from happening to you, with annual or bi-annual kitchen extraction cleaning service makes sense. On completion, ECOTEC provide full certification and reports with before and after photographs for you to demonstrate to your insurers that you are fully compliant. With our certification and reports, you can trust that the job has been done right.

Kitchen Extraction Cleaning FAQ’s

We take care of what you see in the kitchen, but more importantly what you do not see from the roof down.. We clean the entire system, starting from the exhaust fan and motor, then down the flue, cleaning the system to bare metal, clean the filter mounts, clean and polish the hood.

Hoods and fire protection systems have the most legal requirements of any equipment in the kitchen. The health department is concerned about sanitation; the fire department is worried about fire hazards and an environment agency is often worried about emissions pouring from the ducts.

Most cooking facility fires originate in the cooking area which can quickly spread into the exhaust systems and onto the roof. Keeping a grease-free and fire safe system can protect you from this hazard.

You should look at training, certification, reputation and years of experience.

ECOTEC have been cleaning for over 7 years, which have over 300 venues nationally.

Frequency of cleaning depends on many variables, the type of cooking you do and how often the system is used. We schedule your cleaning based on the needs of each location at monthly, quarterly or semi-annually . We constantly review and will suggest changes to your cleaning intervals if necessary.

Why Choose Us?

We Mean it when we Clean it! The internal part of extraction ducts is hidden we can do a video inspection report before and after the cleaning, so you can see an excellent job done.
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