Ecotec Hydra – Drain Unblocker

  • Heavy duty drain cleaner rapidly dissolves FOG’s (fats, oil and grease)
  • Effective in pipework, pumps, lift stations, septic tanks, bio treatment plants
  • Reduces COD’s, BODS’s, TSS’s and their related surcharges
  • Shelf life 2 years, 5 litre treats septic tank

Recommended for professional use only, not available to the general public.

65.00 ex. VAT | 79.95 inc. VAT

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Manufactured and designed to meet ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 and EN 1825-1:2007 standards

Features & Advantages

  • Effectively dissolves hydrocarbons including fats, oils and grease and various solvents.
  • Rapid action solid waste treatment takes just a few minutes to remove grease, oil or fat deposits.
  • Also breaks down body fluids and components such as tissues, cellulite, and blood.
  • Removes bad odours from the organic waste that are nuisance for neighbours.
  • Devours toxic hydrogen sulphide gas that corrodes the metal.
  • Keeps BOD, COD and TSS level under control. Saves you the related surcharge.
  • Maintains high levels of sanitation in drains. Prohibits drains flies to thrive and manages food safety risk related to Listeria.
  • Safe to use in all drainage systems.
  • Improves the levels of dissolved oxygen in water boosting biological metabolic activity in waste water treatment plants.

How To Use

For drains and grease traps:

  • Use 5 to 10 Litres of Ecotec Drain Unblocker to eliminate existing build-up.
  • Slowly pour Ecotec Drain Unblocker in each drain opening. Begin from the drain located nearest to the grease trap and go upstream.
  • The product cleaning action upon the deposits/buildup may produce foam. Be cautious. Foam may rise up through the floor drains. Rinse the foam back inside the drain.
  • Use drain covers to prevent foam coming outside the drains.
  • In case of foaming after the product application, add cold water. This reduces foams and slows the reaction.

For drains and grease traps:

  • Pour 50-100 Litres of Ecotec Drain Unblocker directly on the organic deposits on the pumps, floats and walls.
  • Add the product after pumping down the water level in lift station. Turn off the pump.
  • Within 20-40 minutes grime, scum, oil or grease deposits dissolve. To tackle heavier build ups, reapply if needed.
  • This lift stations cleaner is able to remove 80% to 85% of the FOG and organic soil deposits.
  • Turn on the pumps again after lift station waste treatment and begin with the best suiting biological program.

For Septic tanks:

  • Removes fat and grease deposits at the bottom of septic tanks. Prevents future build-ups.

Full instructions on the label.


Ecotec Drain Unblocker reacts with FOGS and organic soiling and breaks their hydrocarbon chain to disintegrate them into the basic components of hydrogen and carbon molecules. Free molecules of hydrogen and carbon react with the free oxygen molecules and forms harmless and only by-products of water and carbon dioxide.

Drains and Grease Traps:

Heavy build-ups of grease occur over time in grease traps and drain lines. This is very suitable product to dissolve these build-ups or deposits and to cleans grease traps. The product is non-acidic and non-caustic; therefore suitable for use in all types of drains, grease traps. Use Ecotec Drain Unblocker to deep clean the location before beginning with any biological maintenance program.

Lift Stations:

Perfect product for lift station waste treatment. Thoroughly cleans lift stations. Ideal for annual cleaning or deep cleaning prior to beginning.

Automatic Dosing:

Use Auto dosing units from Hydra to automatically add the product into the pipelines. Auto dosing pumps are the timer pumps which are preset to release the required dosage on automated basis.

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