Solid Waste Treatment for grease traps blocks, discharge pipework

  • Solid Bio Blocks with bacteria concentration degrades all organic waste
  • Slow dissolve formula ensures continuous action upon effluent inflow
  • For grease traps blocks or in lift stations, discharge pipework, wet wells
  • Long lasting action, Bio Block dissolves slowly over 6 to 8 weeks

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Manufactured and designed to meet ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 and EN 1825-1:2007 standards

Features & Advantages

  • Contains natural, safe and non pathogenic bacteria for oil and grease removal.
  • Long lasting action, dissolves slowly over 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Provides continuous treatment for lift stations, manholes and wet wells.
  • Includes bio-stimulants and natural growth enhancers for maximum bacterial action.
  • Fits in all sizes of grease traps.
  • Effectively decreases hydrogen sulphide production and related malodour.
  • Effectively clears FOG deposits and cuts down the BOD/COD levels by at least 80%.
  • Bacteria remain active in the waste water even after the water leaves the lift station.
  • Lesser man hours required for dosage reapplication and maintenance.
  • Easy to use. Application procedure does not require pump sets or costly metering equipment.
  • Reduces corrosion by eliminating the production of toxic and corroding gases.
  • Helps in maintaining floats and other equipment by keeping them grease free.
  • No more complaints from public regarding bad odour.
  • No hassle of measuring doses or frequent reapplications. No wastage hence cost effective.
  • Automates waste water treatment process.
  • Regular application of Hydra Bio Block reduces force main restrictions.
  • Suitable for low flow lines as well as for upstream from “Hot Spots”.

How To Use


  • Use 500g to 1kg of Hydra Bio-Block to treat a daily flow of 150 cubic metres.
  • For higher flow rates or requirement of extended degradation use multiple blocks, 2x5kg.

Initial treatment:

  • Clean the traps prior to treatment. Use recommended dose of Hydra Bio-Block according to effluent inflow.
  • Use double the recommended dosage if precleaning is not done.

Maintenance Treatment:

  • Install a new Hydra Bio-Block when the previous one reduces to 50-60% size, to maintain sufficient bacterial activity.

General instructions:

  • Place Hydra Bio-Block directly in the area meant to be cleaned.
  • Place the block away from the direct flow of incoming effluent. Keep the block in the area with lesser turbulence of water.
  • Use rope to suspend the Bio-Block in such a way that it is always underwater, even when the water level is at the lowest.
  • Ensure that the block does not hinder or entangle with any equipment or lines.

Instructions for use in Lift stations:

  • Use 5 kg of Hydra Bio-block for 200-300 cu metre/day of sewage flow. Clean the lift station before treatment. Drop Hydra Bio block into the station in the area with good inflow of water.
  • Ensure Hydra Bio-Block does not touch the bottom of the well but remains submerged.
  • Hydra Bio-Block dissolves and proper inoculation of bacteria occurs with the low to average water inflow of 20 – 400 cu metre per day.
  • Check bio-block every 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Replace the block after it degrades to its 50% to 60% of the original size.

Instructions for use in Manholes:

  • Suspend Hydra Bio-Block in waste stream of the sewer line. Submerge the block completely; making sure that the maximum amount of sewage comes in contact with the block.
  • Secure Hydra Bio-Block with the help of a rope so as to keep it from floating down stream.
  • Use 500 grams of Hydra Bio-Block for smaller mains or manholes.

Instructions for use in Grease traps:

  • Place 500 grams of Hydra Bio-Block in at least two chambers of the grease traps (if possible), at the place where inflow provides turbulence.
  • Secure the rope used for suspending the block firmly.
  • Break the existing grease mat.
  • Clean/pump the grease trap before treatment to get the best result.
No of cubic metres per day flow rate per day Bio Block Lasts
0 – 150 cu metres 90 days
1,000 cu metres 60 – 75 days
1,000 – 5,500cu metres 55 – 65 days
5,500cu metres – 8,000 cu metres 35 – 55 days

Performance properties:

Effective under pH range of: 5.5 – 9.0.

Effective under temperature variation of: 40 – 110° F.

Appearance: dark red.

Fragrance: mild-earthy.

Shelf Life: 2 years in unopened container.

Use high quality septic tank products from Hydra International.

Full Instructions on the labels.


Hydra Bio-Block is an easy to use and cost-effective solid block containing natural bacteria, bio-stimulants and natural growth enhancers for efficient and continuous cleaning of grease traps, pumps , lift stations, sewer lines, wet wells and other waste treatment systems where heavy grease build up is a problem.

How Does Hydra Bio-Block Work:

Hydra Bio-Block includes a balanced combination of bacteria, enzymes and nutrients that seeds a new system for a rapid start as well as cleans clogged systems. The product effectively maintains bio-degrading activities inside the septic tanks, grease traps, lift stations etc. and eliminates related problems including FOG deposit, blockages, and malodours. The natural bacteria included in the block feeds upon soaps, grease, proteins, oils, fats and cleaning products. Hydra Bio-Block provides continuous action and ensures proper functioning of the waste treatment systems.

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