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Time to stop the budget dictating the size of the Grease Interceptor

The Problems

“Poor planning laws & lack of enforcement by local authorities have allowed an indifferent approach to grease interceptor installation and management in Ireland”.

In a country whose natural water resources are under environmental strain, this is not acceptable! Planning applications state that “a Grease Interceptor must be fitted in all food-serving establishments” with no regard or reference to the size, shape, or functionality of the unit, and it’s often left to the builder, architect, or engineer to source one- without proper research, as most do not understand the complexities of proper disposal of “grey water” and how to correctly handle it.

Undersized Grease Trap
Undersized Grease Trap
Pump station after the undersized trap
Pump station after the undersized trap

Internationally, Water Authorities have strict guidelines on unit design, function, maintenance schedule, and disposal of this toxic waste. Here installing a grease interceptor irrespective of design will cover planning obligations, but far too often budget dictates the size, and consequently, most systems are undersized. This in time will pose big problems downstream in sewers, pump stations & wastewater treatment plants, but also lakes, streams, and rivers, as overflows often end up in storm drains.

The Solution

Ecotec, utilizing 30 years of wastewater treatment experience, has designed a complete range of Biological treatment plants, which will completely biodegrade fats, oils, and grease (FOGs), and are environmentally efficient and economically viable. These plants use patented biotechnology, best-in-class equipment, including aeration, and correctly calculated retention times to ensure that all effluents always meet or come in far below the correct legal discharge parameters, thereby reducing the environmental impact of this waste effluent.

“It is our duty to do so”.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results ” Albert Einstein

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