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Grease Traps Are Not The Only Solution – Biological Drain Dosing

What is biological dosing?

Premium liquid formulation enzyme and bacteria in a buffer solution for commercial grease management or more commonly biological grease drain dosing!

Biological dosing of commercial kitchen drain runs to treat and avoid the harmful build-up of fats, oils, and grease (FOGs) discharged in commercial kitchen wastewater wash up have been in everyday use in  Ireland for some time.

A premium grease eater biological solution is most commonly dosed from an automatic dosing pump system that can be programmed to release a timed volume dose of the solution, generally after the final wash down of the day.

How does grease dosing work?

A programmable peristaltic dosing pump, either battery or mains electric, will be wall-mounted either packaged in a cabinet containing both the pump and the dosing solution or a simple pump wall-mounted and dosing solution bottle located nearby. The tubing from the dosing pump will be fixed with a tank connector into the drainage pipework preferably as close to the main discharge from the pot wash sink area.

The bacteria, which are specifically cultured to act on fats, oils, and grease are activated once released into the drain run effectively feeding on any FOGs to break them down and keep drain line clear of any build-up.

This method of grease management is popular with commercial kitchen owners and staff as it is often easy to install, requiring minimal floor or wall space, once programmed it automatically releases the dosing solutions and requires minimal ongoing maintenance and intervention beyond replacing the dosing fluids.

Is this the perfect grease treatment and management solution?

Consideration should be given to a number of factors that may impact the effectiveness of the bacteria once activated in the drainage system. These include extremes in temperature, use of caustic and cleaning chemicals entering the drainage system and the volume of contaminated wash up versus volume of dosing regime.

Biological dosing treats the FOGs in the drainage and sewerage system rather than preventing it from entering the drainage system as defined in the act. Water companies have the resource and technology to trace back from the main sewer individual outlet of non-compliance.

Protect yourself with effective FOG separation

A grease trap when adequately maintained and serviced is an effective method of separating fats, oils, and grease from the wastewater wash up and preventing them from entering the drainage system. The added protection of a dosing system can ensure that there are no signs of FOGs leading from your drainage to the main sewage system.

For technical support and advice on how grease, fats, and oils drain dosing can work for you and your commercial kitchen business, feel free to contact our Ecotec technical team on 087 2745926.