ST-O 4/800 Grease Trap

Highly efficient grease and starch separators for underground installation, designed for separation of starch and fats of plant and animal origin from wastewater.

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Manufactured and designed to meet ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 and EN 1825-1:2007 standards

The most common use

We offer separators with nominal flow from 1.5 l/s to 15 l/s integrated with desilter chamber

Technical Information

Additional Equipment

Name of the group Symbol Nominal flow [l/s] Tank volume[l] Inlet/outlet diameter[mm] Inflow height[mm] Outflow height[mm] Tank dimensions [mm] The Number of manholes(mm)
      d1 h1 h2 Length E Width F Height K
GREASE SEPARATOR WITH DESILTER CHAMBER ST-O 4 /800 4 3200 160 1140 1090 2250 1000 1600 2


Cover PKP 950

Dn = 0.58

Extension Shaft NSP 950

L=0.960 m, I=0.760 m, H=04.25 m

Extension Shaft NSO 600

Dn=0.60 m, H=0.40 m

Cover PKO 600

Dn = 0.58

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