ET – DS 110 – Silt Trap

● Improves water quality downstream of the unit by removing silts, debris, and litter
● Delivered ready to install, reducing installation time and costs
● Quick and simple to install, is lightweight and can be lifted and installed by a single person

999.00 ex. VAT | 1,228.77 inc. VAT

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Manufactured and designed to meet ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 and EN 1825-1:2007 standards


For the catchment and removal of silt, debris, and litter, before entering a surface water storage system. The ET -DS 110 model is primarily designed to be installed in a domestic building upstream of smaller volume cellular/crate attenuation systems, improving the water quality downstream of the unit.

There are two invert options available, to accommodate site conditions. The filter basket full weighs less than 12 kilos and has a telescopic lifting handle which is ergonomically designed to aid lifting. The unit comes complete with a lockable access cover.

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