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How Often Should you get your Kitchen Extract System Cleaned?

Kitchen extract systems are a must in any commercial kitchens. They clear smoke and grease, and increase the overall working quality in any kitchen. A canopy extraction system is commonplace above the cooking surfaces of any kitchen.

These systems see a lot of action, depending upon the working hours of the kitchen. Since they are used so frequently, they also need to be cleaned frequently.

What is a Commercial Kitchen Extract System?

A commercial kitchen extract system usually include a canopy, ducting as well as fans to extract fumes through the hood. Systems may also include the use of carbon or grease filters.

As mentioned above, their main function is to maintain health and safety by extracting carbon monoxide and other dangerous fumes from the kitchen. These systems also extract grease and fat particles reducing the risk of fire or falling ill. Lastly they also reduce any odor generated while cooking.

Why do you need to clean your Kitchen Extract system?

Kitchen extract systems are the unsung heroes of a commercial kitchen. They quietly take care of fumes and grease, making the kitchen easier to work in, and reduce fire hazards. However, since they work out of sight, the dust and grease buildup in them can get out of hand.

They need to be cleaned because:

– It doesn’t take long for dust and grease buildup in them to get out of hand, since it’s out of sight.

– It increases the efficiency of the system, since excess dust and grease in the extract system will make it much harder for it to function properly.

– It’s necessary to clean your extract system to qualify for insurance, since all insurance companies require proof of cleaning for you to be eligible for insurance.

– It’s necessary to meet TR19 standards, which is the most widely accepted standard of ductwork cleaning in the United Kingdom.

How often should your Kitchen Extract system be cleaned?

The regularity of cleaning of your kitchen extract system depends on the hours of work that the kitchen sees per day. Annual cleaning is a must for all kitchen extract systems, but depending upon the intensity of work, monthly cleaning might be necessary for your extract systems to be on top of its game.

It’s important to note that even though your staff may clean the visible areas of the ducts and extraction system, more intensive, deep cleaning is necessary for the kitchen extract system to be up to par. This requires trained teams and the right equipment to do so, since the nooks and crannies of the system are hard to reach, and untrained cleaning of these places might end up doing more harm than good.