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Do water tanks need cleaning?

People often ask ‘Do water tanks need to be cleaned’? Well! the answer is simply yes! Unhealthy water is listed in the sixth place in the reports of “World Health Organization” for the cause of death, right after cigarettes and alcohol. Also, if your business supplies water for drinking, cooking, cleaning or consumption it is a legal requirement for you to have a legionella risk assessment programme in place.

Why water tank cleaning is important?

In the busy world of building and water management, water tanks can often be an afterthought and because of thisregular cleaning is not always at the top of the agenda. Yet regular water tank cleaning is one of the most important aspects of building maintenance. If not cleaned, it may cause infections and diseases through germs and bacteria that actively multiply there. Contaminated water poses a very real and common risk to human health and so careful attention must be paid to water tank cleaning to avoid the prospect of contamination, which can lead to the shutting down of water supplies and closure of businesses.

We have listed a few more reasons:-
1) Contamination in water can have a serious effect on health
2) Algae and other bacteria actively grows on the inner walls of the water tank
3) Infected water may cause Skin problems
4) Foul smells may develop in the water tank over time

How often should a water tank be cleaned

The only way to avoid this is disinfestation and cleaning of the water tanks with special chemicals and high-pressure cleaning machines at least once a year by trained professionals. Ideally, twice a year is recommended.

How Ecotec can help?

Our water tank cleaners use organic water tank cleaning chemicals and best professional water tank cleaning equipment to make your tank fresh and clean.