Grease Trap Management System

3,000.00 ex. VAT | 3,690.00 inc. VAT

Our New FOGHOG is complete below Ground Grease Management System designed for maximum management




The FOGHOG will remove food solids as well as (FOG’s) Fats Oils and Greases, in a strategically designed 3 stage process.

Stage 1 – Food waste and solids separation.

The primary unit has a fully removable filter basket that can collect up to 20 kilos of food waste. With three 110mm inlet pipework options, allowing connections from different locations.

Stage 2 – Main Separation Unit.

The Grease Trap or Separation Unit will separate and remove lighter FOGs ( Fat Oil and Greases) from the flow, as well as support the first stage in waste separation.

Stage 3 – Sampling Unit

The final unit allows for testing of final effluent from the system to comply with industry guidelines and recommendations.


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