Eco-V Vertical Grease Seperator (510 Litres)

730.00 ex. VAT | 897.90 inc. VAT

  • Grease Separation Capacity: 360 litres
  • Nominal Size: 1.5
  • Working Volume: 510 litres





How it works

Wastewater enters the separator, this water will typically have FOG’s in the flow. When the warm wastewater hits the cold or tepid water, already in the separator then the immiscible fluids such as oils and greases will settle out at the top water level, where they will cool down and start to solidify.

Solid food matter and fines, being heavier than water will drop to the base of the separator where they settle.

The cleaner separated water at the mid level, then discharges via the outlet pipe.

The ECO -V design works on a well tested vertical separation process and its single stage design has proven to work effectively in the basic separation of FOG’s and offers a simple cost effective solution to FOG’s/Grease Management.


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