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Drain Management

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ECOTEC is changing the way the restaurant industry approaches drain line maintenance.

The large amount of food, grease, and debris found in a commercial kitchen makes restaurants highly susceptible to drain backups and plumbing emergencies, most kitchens correctly have installed some form of grease trap to catch grease, fats & oils that originate in the sink or combi oven what about the floor drain? Cooking spills, food debris and sediments entering the drain can lead to pipe blockages over time.

A “reactionary” approach to this problem is very costly and a major headache to restaurant operators. ECOTEC has developed simple “preventative” solutions to solve floor drain blockage. Our products are safe and easy to use, allowing our customers to dramatically reduce or eliminate drain backups, cleaning services, and costly repairs.

Our non chemical approach toward drain line maintenance is safe for the environment and staff. We also offer nationwide drain line inspections, sizing, and installation for drain locks, baskets, and many more products. Our goal is to help restaurants and food service facilities keep their focus and energy on taking care of their food, employees, and customers, instead of worrying about their drain.

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